Matty's Paradigm

A Theory of Creation


Space isn't what you have been told it is.

The Theory of Creation: A Harmonization of Modern Science with the Holy Bible

Also known as: Matty’s Paradigm. More formally I guess you could call this Geocentric Devolutionary Creation.

Blogs get messy in a hurry, and despite the best of intentions it is going to get harder and harder to find what you are looking for. This is, thankfully, work towards a larger more organized whole that will eventually be a book. The structure is summarized in a table of contents below. It follows a chronological path through the Bible and History to address key issues.

Headings with links I have written, headings without links I will get to…

  1. Why Are We Here?
  2. Why Do We Use The King James Version?
  3. Apologetics?
  4. Premise: Creation or Evolution?
    1. God Does Not Lie
    2. Science has Failed
    3. Evidence is Irrelevant
    4. Circular Reasoning
    5. I Want to Free Your Mind
  5. Creation Day 1: Nucleogenesis, Abiogenesis and Photosynthesis

    1. The Origin of Life
    2. CMB – Got Milk?
    3. Photosynthesis: A Figure of Creation
    4. The Darkness
  6. Creation Day 2: The Center of Gravity
    1. Light vs. Darkness: Eternal Separation
    2. The Firmament: Raqia
    3. Has Voyager Found The Firmament?
    4. The Water Above and the Water Below
    5. Gravity: The Foundations of the Earth
    6. Geocentricity
    7. Testable Hypothesis 1
  7. Creation Day 3: The Dry Ground
    1. The Mountain of Eden: Ros
    2. The Pillars of the Earth/Beams of His Chambers
    3. The Fountains of the Great Deep
  8. Creation Day 4: Sun, Moon and Stars
    1. Measure The Heavens
    2. Kepler Didn’t Get It
    3. When Empirical Isn’t
    4. Breaking The Speed Limit
    5. Relative Motion
    6. Celestial Navigation
    7. Tycho Brahe
    8. Voyager
    9. The Stars Shall Fall Like Rain
  9. Creation Day 5: Fish and Birds
    1. Common Ancestry
  10. Creation Day 6: Land Animals
    1. Evolution or Devolution?
  11. A War in Heaven
    1. Hell: What, Where, When?
    2. The Gates of Hell
  12. The Fall of Man
    1. Hell is real
    2. Ocean Warming Data
    3. Radioisotope Decay
    4. The Decay Constant Isn’t Constant
  13. The Great Flood
    1. Depositional Environments
    2. The Sands of Mars
  14. The Tower of Babel
  15. The Time of Peleg
    1. Plate Tectonics
    2. Radial Shortening
  16. The Exodus
    1. 10 Plagues
    2. The Sun and Moon Stood Still
  17. Uzziah’s Earthquake
    1. Amos
  18. Hezekiah’s Sign






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